German Business Awards 2019

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards 7 Gaia House GbR: g Business-wise, things continue to look positive for Gaia. The stereotype of German efficiency is perhaps well founded by the simple fact that the house is booked up almost a year in advance. The freedom granted by being able to predict the flow of business is not a luxury that all companies can claim to have. Looking ahead, there are plans to expand the services offered at Gaia Retreat, but part of the appeal of this particular establishment is the acceptance of the unknown. “We have no specific plans, but we do have a direction,” says Eran, “to turn Gaia into an international wellness centre.” A fitting goal. While this might seem like a pipe dream, the pieces are certainly in place for the team to achieve it. As it happens, they are planning new courses on wellness with yoga and meditations, and with a 200-hour anti-aging Yoga Teacher Training course in the offering. Contact Details: Contact: Eran Eisen Website: Company: Gaia House GbR