German Business Awards 2019

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards 5 g NIMIRUM: Trends in Germany are slowly affecting how the industry works. Currently, there is a move from big to smart data, which means a shift from collecting a lot of information to only what is specifically relevant. Deep learning, too, is taking the research world by storm as its developing technology is more able to interpret big data and the trends from there. Anja notes, however, that “none of these trends is very specific to Germany, they are mostly influenced by US trends.” “...There is leadership because people want to know who they are working for: a person that takes responsibility and has a clear vision. A person that empowers them every day and shows them that it's great to be a part of NIMIRUM.” “We at NIMIRUM simply establish and moderate a dialogue between two parties who do not usually have much interaction, for example CEOs and scientists.” Looking forward then, NIMIRUM hopes to find a way to connect its experts to a project more easily. To this end, the intention is to build up a database where proven and trusted experts in a field have a proper digital touch- point for NIMIRUM’s clients. This would then provide a digital workflow from offer to invoice, simplifying and clarifying the business entirely. Similarly, Anja hopes to mature the business care of being a special expert broker. She’s currently looking for an investor, as their business model has become more scala- ble for projects large and small. It seems like after a successful relaunch, NIMIRUM is ready to take on anything. With exciting plans for expansion, there is a clear direction forward for the company laser-focused on the good distribution and use of knowledge from people who know what they’re talking about. Contact Details Contact: Anja Mutschler Company: NIMIRUM Website: