German Business Awards 2019

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards , Best Independent Communications Research Agency – Europe Having reinvented itself this year, NIMIRUMis a company that has a heart for knowledge and a vision for experts offering guidance. We caught upwith its owner AnjaMutschler to find out more… Oct19275 us for,” says Anja “but if they worked with us, they are always smarter.” This determination to be smarter, to rely on expert opinion, comes from a strong belief that experts aren’t always used as well as they could be. Ultimately, NIMIRUM is a re- search agency. It has an expert community that can be called upon for anything from checking surveys for better marketing activities to full studies to support C-level for market entry situa- tions. It could just be ‘renting’ an expert as a consultant. Mainly working for broadcast stations, big communications agencies or companies in the automotive and FMCG sector, NIMIRUM has an international scale with two- thirds of their work taking place out of Germany. Core to the research is the expert community. They are passionate about NIMIRUM because they can act freely. “To conduct our research strictly in- dependently is our core promise we give them,” says Anja. “They support us with business leads, blog posts and their ability to go the extra-mile when it is needed.” It’s a tremendous amount of earned loyalty towards a com- pany that has undergone major reinvention over the past year. It seems to be paying off, how- ever, as the response has been extremely positive from clients. ‘To treat our experts well also means to treat our clients well,” Anja admits. “We at NIMIRUM simply establish and moderate a dialogue between two parties who do not usually have much interaction, for example “Our heart beats for knowledge. Smart- ness. Independency.” This is the core of NIMIRUM’s success. It’s almost stubborn. “So, we're not doing everything a client asks CEOs and scientists.” It seems like something of immense ben- efit to both parties and enforces the ethos of pushing knowledge to the forefront of the company. “Driven by our experience of work with freelance experts we are really good at accepting the individual style of each employ- ee,” says Anja. She encourages questions about the company and takes care of them so they feel part of proceedings at all times. That is not to say that the experts have taken control, more so that the leadership style is more collaborative. “There is leadership because people want to know who they are working for: a person that takes responsibility and has a clear vision. A person that empowers them every day and shows them that it's great to be a part of NIMIRUM.” “So, we're not doing everything a client asks us for,” says Anja “but if they worked with us, they are always smarter...” Anja Mutschler founder of NIMIRUM