EU Business News Q1 2019

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2019 , Going the Extra Mile CP-Pro Software & Services Clausen KG creates individual business software solutions for PC, Browser orMobile Apps. Following their success in the EU Business Awards 2018, we caught up with Founder and CEO, Gregor Clausenwho provided us with an insight into the innovative solutions that the teamprovides on a daily basis. CP-Pro Software & Services Clausen KG creates a firm an individual business software solution for PC, Browser or Mobile Apps. Taking into account individual requirements which will be specified by CP-Pro’s specialists. The new software is created according to the specification, or as defined by a previous software’s source code by using agile methods. With the CP-Pro Scaffolding Software Office Solution, the firm offer the market leading software solution for the scaffolding business in Germany and Europe. Going into further detail about the services the firm provides, Gregor begins by informing us of CP-Pro’s overall mission and the steps the team takes to ensure it. “Here at CP-Pro, we create software solutions where the best solution has not been invented or created, as well as renovating your old software as its lifecycle might have already ended. Also, we have the most comprehensive and reliable standard software solution for the scaffolding business.” As for what differentiates CP-Pro from their competitors, Gregor explains to us the key qualities which sets the firm apart from other businesses within their respected industry, marking them out as the best possible option for their clients. “For more than 26 years, our company has been offering our award-winning products and services to consumers. The easy to use, but comprehensive software solutions, fulfil exactly the requirements and evolve constantly with both the customer’s and our ideas. Since our inception, our company has grown to more than 25 employees and we have established a branch in Brazil. There are a few of our direct competitors which have preferred to stay as a single owner company with only one or two employees.” It is no secret that behind every successful firm is a dedicated, passionate team of individuals who work collectively to deliver a service which surpasses their clients’ expectations. When discussing the internal culture, Gregor highlights how the team are well equipped to provide the best possible service to their clients. “At CP-Pro, we have 12 core values which remind us every day what is the most important to us. Values are the most important tools of all. Additionally, we train all of our employees on a recurring basis with the latest methods of process management and communication. Communication is the most valuable skill of each employee. Also, the technical skills are kept high by permanent training as well.” On the topic of success, CP- Pro were successful in the EU Business Awards 2018 where they were righteously awarded the accolade Best Scaffolding Software Solutions 2018 – Germany. Speaking of the win, Gregor is keen to discuss what the award means to the firm and the reasons he believes are the secrets behind their remarkable success. “The team here at CP- Pro are proud that the comprehensiveness, the benefit and the quality of our solutions Dec18594 have finally led to this award. We are glad we could convince the jurors and we are grateful for this acknowledgement of our work. “Ultimately, we believe in our values which are: competence, evolution, honesty, reliability and esteem. Our success is a result of our strong, long-lasting relationships with both our customers and other business partners.” Bringing the interview to a close, Gregor signs off by touching on the developments that he foresees within the industry, as well as revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm. “Moving forward, I believe that the market will condense in size a bit and the strong companies will grow faster. As such, we will have to ensure that we are not being left behind regarding the digitalisation process. In addition to this, some of the American companies grow at a much faster rate within the area in comparison than European businesses. However, in Europe we have numerous competencies with which we are world market leaders. “Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at CP-Pro will certainly expand in other Countries with our scaffolding software solution and we will create more standard products.” Contact: Software & Services Company: CP-Pro Software & Services Clausen KG Address: Bahnhofstraße 29, 41539 Dormagen, Germany Telephone: 49 2133 97676 10 Website: