project natick
Microsoft Finds Underwater Datacenters Are Reliable, Practical and Use Energy Sustainably
Earlier this summer, marine specialists reeled up a shipping-container-size datacenter coated in algae, barnacles and sea anemones from the seafloor
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New Research Reveals the Extent of Systemic Racism in Ireland’s Job Market
The study found that while most participants (43%) believe Ireland is a diverse and inclusive employer, 58% said their organisation
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worldwide sales
How to Sell Worldwide from a Small Business
Most people assume that you have to have a massive multinational company to be able to sell at a worldwide
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calling in sick
30% Of Office Workers in London Have Concealed A Mental Health Problem When Calling in Sick
Employees conceal a mental health problem from their employer by claiming to be physically ill.
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Germany’s Response to COVID-19: What Lessons Can the UK Learn?
A comparison of frontline salaries reveals huge failures in NHS investment. This study ranks 36 countries in the OECD according
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Why It’s Time to Fast-Track Brexit Planning
While it has never really been off the agenda, with less than six months to go until the end of
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Lockdown Green-Up: Food Waste Down and Recycling Rates Up
Food bins are emptier while the recycling is overflowing.
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3d Printing
The UK is a European Hub for Innovation in 3D Printing
A new study from the European Patent Office reveals the United Kingdom as a leading European country in additive manufacturing
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public transit industry
How the Green New Deal Could Save Public Transit Industry Post COVID
Those who live in cities are getting used to a new normal. The sidewalks are empty, and would-be public transit
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Lisbon or London
Lisbon Over London – The Safest EU Cities For Working Professionals Relocating After Lockdown
The latest research by Spotahome, the international rental marketplace, has highlighted which of Europe’s most popular capital cities for working
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digital europe
Angela Merkel Needs to Create a Unified Digital Strategy in Europe
Digital technologies have different importance throughout Europe, there is no harmonized European approach on digital technologies, with every country setting
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MariMatic to deliver Automatic Waste Collection to the City of Amsterdam
MariMatic has, through a public tender process, been chosen by the city of Amsterdam as the supplier of an Automatic
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